CNV Permanent Hair Removal Laser Device 3 in 1 WPL & Beauty & Ice 8118 Gold

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   *【Latest Integrated Design】*One Cartridge with 350,000 Flashes for Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation,Ice compress function can be operated synchronously.You can switch at one button without changing the Cartridge holder.A clear LCD touch screen allows you to experience more technology in operation.
   *【Fast and Safety Treatments】*Over 98% customers are satisfied with the result after only 3 treatments and over 95% customers realized permanent hair reduction after 8 weeks' treatments .Uses the same WPL technology preferred by dermatologists which is clinically proven for safe and effective use 
   *【Doubel Ice Compress Function】*Equipped with Double ice compress function that cool and protect the skin from damages,Hair removal and ice compress at the same time make you lose your hair without any pain.
   *【WholeBody Permanent Hair Removal】*Clinically tested for use on the wholebody, including face, underarms, bikini line, legs, arms, chest and stomach.Get long-lasting effects in the privacy, safety and comfort of your own home 
   *【Five Treatment Levels】*Five adjustable energy levels settings to ensure gentle but effective treatment. You can adjust the level according to the skin area and hair growth. Used correctly, WPL treatment is comfortable and gentle to use even on sensitive skin and sensitive body area. 
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   Suitable for Whole Body:
   Pulses light hair removing has been proved to be harmless to human sweat glands and skin for many years. Our laser hair removal system is as safe as the professional salons. 
     It's perfect for 49 areas of human body, such as face, lips, underarms, legs and bikini area easily. You can enjoy the salon-like effect with this home use hair removal device. Get silky skin in 8 weeks and say goodbye to hair problems forever. WPL Hair Removal & Ice Compress & Skin Rejuvenation Technique Perfect combination 
   The lamp head is a fixed lamp, combined with hair removal, ice compress and tender skin, without changing the lamp head, you can switch different modes, allowing you to be free to use. You can remove the ice on the edge, so that you will not feel any discomfort during the use.
Skin Rejuvenation:It can help shrink pores, improve skin texture, enhance skin elasticity and repair the acne scar. Result in silky-smooth and younger-looking skin.
  Reasons To Buy: 
  1. Using WPL results in permanent hair reduction in as little as 4 weeks. 
  2. Skin sensor tailors the WPL treatment specifically to your skin tone. 
  3. Uses enhanced Salon WPL technology, safe and effective use in the privacy of your own home. 
  4. Advanced cold compress technology makes you feel better after treatments. 
  5. At the same time of removing unwanted hair, it helps shrink pores, improve skin texture and repair the acne scar. 
  6. Worked closely with skin care experts, the gentle mode makes it safe to use on sensitive areas or first time users. 
  7. Latest Integrated Design,No need to switch the lamp holder, only one button switch is needed, and the operation is more simple. 
  Best Candidates For Treatment: 
  People with light skin and dark hair are best suited to WPL hair removal. Because the WPL targets melanin (a dark brown to black pigment) within the hair, it is more difficult to treat white, gray, blonde and red hair. 
  How to use it 
  Put skin color sensor window close to the target skin,when the side light display is flashing green light,it means that the skin is suitable for using this equipment, and the equipment is ready to work.
Diabetes,heart disease,epilepsy,skin diseases,scar constitution,tattoos,varicose veins and so on is not applicable to this hair remover device. 

  Package Content: 
  1 * Main Body   
  1 * Razor 
  1 * AC Adapter 
  1 * Safety Glasses 

  1 * User Manual 

Ratings & Reviews

See how satisfied customers are enjoying permanent results Using the CNV Products as directed for at least 2 Monthes,You will see very good results, and the ideal results will be achieved in 4-6 months..

Product Rating:    
Roomaisa Arshad:Excellent results, fraction of price of a laser center
This product works amazing, and at a fraction of the price of ''''professional laser treatment''''. After my two-year package expired with a professional treatment, I still had growth and was given any and every excuse at the professional hair center. They kept pushing me to purchase another package but I went with the CNV, which was the best investment ever. The results have been far better, and at 1/4 of the cost. When it''''s time for a ''''touch-up'''', I do not need to purchase yet another expensive laser package, I just pull out the CNV.
Date Added: 2020/5/28 11:41:28
Product Rating:    
Chà Yymà:Laser CNV
The laser has been very successful on all areas. The ease with using it makes it enjoyable. The hair has been permenatly gone, as I have seen no grow back for years. Even in sensative bikini areas, just manage the power and it is efficient in removing the hair from these areas. Even though this area is a tricky one, the laser still works well, and gets to a lot of hard to reach areas. Simply stick with it and the results will show. I have found it to work well on ALL areas.
Date Added: 2020/5/28 11:00:58
Product Rating:    
Без Имени:very good result
I have been using this product for a couple of month, the result is amazing. Although it''''s a little bit hurt, it''''s worth it. Recommend to all who want to do this hair removal thing at home, cheaper and convenient than going to a spa
Date Added: 2020/5/28 10:18:18
Product Rating:    
Manal Jawhari:Don''''t Stop Until It''''s Gone
I I started using this product about a year ago. Hair started falling out of my armpits within the first two weeks which left me incredibly impressed and excited about my laser! After using it every now and then (wasn''''t completely faithful to the whole once every 2 weeks thing) my pits were almost completely hairless within a few months. After going to college I felt as though using the laser was a little uncomfortable. I didn''''t want to zap my pits and bikini zone in front of my roommate and I was positive the beeps the laser makes every time it zaps would easily be heard through the thin dorm walls. After stopping for a few months all of my hair started growing back. I am restarting the zapping process and have come to the conclusion that it is essential to use the laser as soon as any hair comes back in order to keep everything under control! I don''''t regret purchasing the laser and am happy I am able to use it, it definitely makes me far more comfortable with my body during the summer season! No more ingrown hairs or needing to shave every day!! Hope this review was helpful! :)
Date Added: 2020/5/27 21:17:05
Product Rating:    
Samuel Garay:Amazing
I''''ve only used this product for about a month and a half and done about 6 sessions on my chin and I must say I''''m more then pleased with the results and I''''m nowhere near done. I''''ve had hormonal issues and ever since I''''ve been growing chin hairs. The more I''''ve plucked the more they''''ve grown out and to make it worst even thicker. I was starting to feel so set concious that it was sad. I researched all kinds of methods and felt like giving the CNV a try. It was a lil expensive but if you do the math its less then an office procedure. So far, the supper thick hairs that i would have to pluck out every night are no longer black and thick and I can go by days without having my tweezers in hand. I will update my review after another two months.

Date Added: 2020/5/25 22:34:54
Product Rating:    
Nana K Gyan:Excellent home solution to unwanted hair
The CNV Hair Removal Laser CNV is just what I have wished for for years. It truly is as effective as professional laser treatments except you do not have to make an appointment - it''''s there when you need it.
Date Added: 2020/5/25 10:49:32
Product Rating:    
Kērfah Mohamed:must have!
I''''ve always been self conscious, and hated having to shave my legs every three days but now I don''''t have to!! CNV is amazing! I''''ve only had it for about 2 months and already I can see a huge improvement! It grows back much slower and thinner where it does grow back, some of it doesn''''t grow back! I cannot wait to continue the treatment and see the results! Definitely a must have! If you can I recommend you buy it when you get the chance!
Date Added: 2020/5/25 10:01:39
Product Rating:    
Bouda Hicham:Life changing
I''''ve been battling with my underarms, bikini and other small patches of dark coarse hairs that cause painful ingrown hairs regardless of whether I shave/wax/pluck for as long as I can remember. I have medium white skin in the winter, pretty tan in the summer skin tone with chestnut hair. I tried EVERYTHING under the sun, even professional laser and electrolysis. I was never able to stay consistent with appointments because I live in remote areas of the world for work (which usually involves being in a bathing suit since I''''m a divemaster!). I''''ve used the CNV laser for the last three months and I''''m nothing short of speechless with the results. While the hair isn''''t completely gone (still working on it) there is MUCH less and fewer ingrown hairs with each treatment that I can conveniently do myself from anywhere in the world. I started seeing results after the first two treatments. I was always very self conscious of the way my thighs and bikini line looked in a bathing suit, the changes I''''m seeing are a significant boost to my confidence when it comes to how my body looks in a bathing suit. I recommend this product and have friends who have also tried it and love it as well. THANK YOU CNV!
Date Added: 2020/5/19 11:03:48
Product Rating:    
Lė Rõį:Produced hair loss within 2 months
This product really does work. I have olive colored skin and dark brown hair making me a good candidate. I followed the instructions in the manual and I did see results. I have some tips that may help you.
1. I could only handle level 2 at first and you do see better and quicker results with a higher intensity level. What I did was start at level one the first time and then level two the next four treatments then I tried level 3. Try to work your way up gradually. It''''s not as painful if you do it that way.
2. Another tip when performing each laser beep only move the laser slightly on the skin to eventually cover the whole area. For the first 2 or 3 treatments I moved the Laser to far and was not overlapping like the manual said and I wasn''''t seeing results. The overlap is key. I started moving it only slightly and then I saw results. I was afraid to do the same spot but as long as you move it slightly you will be fine. Personally I feel that people who aren''''t seeing results aren''''t doing it properly which I was one of them at first and I tried something a little different and saw immediate results.
3. I did my underarms and front and side bikini area. Found quicker results on bikini area....I may need a couple more treatments on my underarms. Would love to do legs next but the Laser area is kind of small. It will be time consuming to do legs. I may try my lower legs.
Overall it really does work...make sure you do it every 2 weeks and make sure your number of beeps per treatment area match the manual. This is important as well. Also make sure you buy Laser safety glasses for your eyes. This is important.
Date Added: 2020/5/19 10:22:08
Product Rating:    
Tuyến Cúc:I LOVE this!
Starting at a young age, I''''ve struggled with unwanted facial hair. Now, I''''m finally getting rid of it! Very easy to use. Thanks CNV!
Date Added: 2020/5/18 15:58:41
Product Rating:    
Arun Kumar:Worth it!
I''''ve been using CNV products for over 5 yrs and they are nothing but quality. I first purchased the Blue Light (which is amazing) and I just got the hair removal laser.
I''''ve had professional laser hair removal done several times and my CNV is half the cost, and not as painful. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to be hair free but doesn''''t want to break the bank!
Date Added: 2020/5/18 11:00:17
Product Rating:    
David Olea:It works!
Excellent results! I am so glad I found a review of this product on the New York Times product review site, the Wirecutter. I have been really happy with the results and it is very easy to use.
Date Added: 2020/5/18 9:09:50
Product Rating:    
Zoe Cavey:Works just as advertised! More convenient than going for treatments at a salon & much cheaper!
Date Added: 2020/5/17 11:01:34
Product Rating:    
Caspar:IT WORKS!!!
Date Added: 2020/5/14 9:14:45
Product Rating:    
tomthepainter:Powerful unit.
This CNV works GREAT! Much more powerful than the unit I purchased years ago. I''''m very happy with my recent purchase for hair removal.
Date Added: 2020/5/10 12:28:49
Product Rating:    
Stephanie:Great product so far
Its been 4 weeks, after the second treatment on level 4. I''''ve noticed a delay in the growth of the hair on my chin which is embarrassingly thick and black. I''''m really hoping it will continue to decrease in its growing phases and eventually stop growing all together. So far, so good. Don''''t let me down!
Date Added: 2020/5/10 10:04:58
Product Rating:    
Kelsey:Works great
It works with my skin and I can see difference in 3 uses
Date Added: 2020/5/9 17:27:03
Product Rating:    
Rick:Love my CNV
Great results after only 6 weeks. Can''''t believe how much money I saved over professional laser treatments. Totally worth the price!
Date Added: 2020/5/9 17:23:59
Product Rating:    
Karola:I love it!
It really works! I am a man not looking for hairless, born a beast with way too much body hair and embarrassed by it I decided to try. I had to start on level 1 for a couple rounds just to weaken it enough for level 2, now on level 3 and what a difference. Way less embarrassing hair and it has become kinda cool looking to me, less of it, doesn''''t grow long, and not like wire rods. First rounds are kinda painful but it''''s a piece of cake now. Haven''''t even done that many passes with long time between treatments. The only downside is I dropped my first laser and broke it, had to buy a second.
Date Added: 2020/5/9 16:35:11
Product Rating:    
This product is very similar to the professional version. So far so good, I look forward to the outcome in six months.
Date Added: 2020/5/9 11:20:43
Product Rating:    
I''''ve been using the CNV hair removal laser CNV for just a month now and am impressed! OMG, I wish I bought this tool years ago. I have LOTS of facial hair-upper lip, below lower lip, chin, even sideburns... and once menopause hit, it increased. I used to regularly tweeze hair on my upper lip and chin once or twice a day-obsessively in front of my
5x mirror.
Shaving for the first two weeks was challenging for me; the hairs were thick and wiry and I noticed a 5o''''clock shadow! Thicker makeup saw me through.
Now I see fewer hairs overall and feel way less stubbly. My skin feels so much smoother. I don''''t have to worry about how my chin and upper lip look. I hoped for results like these, but wasn''''t convinced it would work as well as it does. Am so happy that I made this purchase!!!
Date Added: 2020/5/9 10:04:45
Product Rating:    
Nadia:It Works! Better than Expected
I was a bit skeptical when I bought this that it would actually work but it had the return guarantee and I was desperate for something besides waxing and shaving. I loved getting waxed but was often embarrassed of my hair as it grew back and am also a college student so I don''''t really have a lot of money to constantly drop each month.
I knew I had to let my hair grow before I could use this since I had been waxing so I did. Then I bought it when I was tired of my hair.
I don''''t think it hurts that bad. I used setting 5 from the beginning because it was the most effective. It does hurt in the exact moment of the laser zap but I just do deep breaths through the treatment and the pain goes away immediately.
I''''ve had the device for about a month and I''''ve done two treatments. I noticed some hair fall on my pubic hairs after the first treatment but not a ton. After my second treatment, I saw a significant difference. Over half of the hair is gone!!! It did not grow back at all! So I will definitely be continuing the treatments.
I have been treating my legs, armpits, pubic hair, bikini line, and chin/upper lip. The battery does not allow for all of those to be treated all in one sitting. So I break it up. My first treatment I do after my shower (once I am dry); I do armpits, chin, and bikini/pubic hair. I do that because you need your armpits to be completely clean and dry. Don''''t put lotion on your skin because it prevents the laser from working as well. For the legs, I was slightly concerned because I was not feeling anything and everyone was saying if you didn''''t feel anything then it wasn''''t working, but, somehow, I have seen a significant drop in hair growth on my legs as well.
All in all. It works amazing and I recommend to everyone. I don''''t mind that the battery doesn''''t last for the entire thing because I think the battery life is reasonable. It is mildly inconvenient but does not take away from how amazing the product is. I''''m so excited to be hairless by summer! I wish I had bought this sooner.
Budget Tip: I used the PayPal 6 months zero interest which fits in my budget because that''''s actually less than 6 months of waxes!!
Date Added: 2020/5/7 9:20:35

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