CNV Laser Permanent Hair Removal Device 3 in 1 WPL & Beauty & Ice 8118 White

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   *【Latest Integrated Design】*One Cartridge with 350,000 Flashes for Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation,Ice compress function can be operated synchronously.You can switch at one button without changing the Cartridge holder.A clear LCD touch screen allows you to experience more technology in operation.
   *【Fast and Safety Treatments】*Over 98% customers are satisfied with the result after only 3 treatments and over 95% customers realized permanent hair reduction after 8 weeks' treatments .Uses the same WPL technology preferred by dermatologists which is clinically proven for safe and effective use 
   *【Doubel Ice Compress Function】*Equipped with Double ice compress function that cool and protect the skin from damages,Hair removal and ice compress at the same time make you lose your hair without any pain.
   *【WholeBody Permanent Hair Removal】*Clinically tested for use on the wholebody, including face, underarms, bikini line, legs, arms, chest and stomach.Get long-lasting effects in the privacy, safety and comfort of your own home 
   *【Five Treatment Levels】*Five adjustable energy levels settings to ensure gentle but effective treatment. You can adjust the level according to the skin area and hair growth. Used correctly, WPL treatment is comfortable and gentle to use even on sensitive skin and sensitive body area. 
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   Suitable for Whole Body:
   Pulses light hair removing has been proved to be harmless to human sweat glands and skin for many years. Our laser hair removal system is as safe as the professional salons. 
     It's perfect for 49 areas of human body, such as face, lips, underarms, legs and bikini area easily. You can enjoy the salon-like effect with this home use hair removal device. Get silky skin in 8 weeks and say goodbye to hair problems forever. WPL Hair Removal & Ice Compress & Skin Rejuvenation Technique Perfect combination 
   The lamp head is a fixed lamp, combined with hair removal, ice compress and tender skin, without changing the lamp head, you can switch different modes, allowing you to be free to use. You can remove the ice on the edge, so that you will not feel any discomfort during the use.
Skin Rejuvenation:It can help shrink pores, improve skin texture, enhance skin elasticity and repair the acne scar. Result in silky-smooth and younger-looking skin.
  Reasons To Buy: 
  1. Using WPL results in permanent hair reduction in as little as 4 weeks. 
  2. Skin sensor tailors the WPL treatment specifically to your skin tone. 
  3. Uses enhanced Salon WPL technology, safe and effective use in the privacy of your own home. 
  4. Advanced cold compress technology makes you feel better after treatments. 
  5. At the same time of removing unwanted hair, it helps shrink pores, improve skin texture and repair the acne scar. 
  6. Worked closely with skin care experts, the gentle mode makes it safe to use on sensitive areas or first time users. 
  7. Latest Integrated Design,No need to switch the lamp holder, only one button switch is needed, and the operation is more simple. 
  Best Candidates For Treatment: 
  People with light skin and dark hair are best suited to WPL hair removal. Because the WPL targets melanin (a dark brown to black pigment) within the hair, it is more difficult to treat white, gray, blonde and red hair. 
  How to use it 
  Put skin color sensor window close to the target skin,when the side light display is flashing green light,it means that the skin is suitable for using this equipment, and the equipment is ready to work.
Diabetes,heart disease,epilepsy,skin diseases,scar constitution,tattoos,varicose veins and so on is not applicable to this hair remover device. 

  Package Content: 
  1 * Main Body   
  1 * Razor 
  1 * AC Adapter 
  1 * Safety Glasses 

  1 * User Manual 

Ratings & Reviews

See how satisfied customers are enjoying permanent results Using the CNV Products as directed for at least 2 Monthes,You will see very good results, and the ideal results will be achieved in 4-6 months..

Product Rating:    
Viviana M.:Awesome for medium skin tone with dark hair
I''''m Northern Indian which means lots of dark facial hair with lighter to medium skin tone. I had way too many thick dark hair after my first pregnancy. CNV is the only thing that helped decrease the thickness of the hair.
Thank you CNV!

Date Added: 2020/7/3 10:13:45
Product Rating:    
Karola:Worked perfectly!
Worked even better than I could have thought. I saw improvement after the first two uses and most of the unwanted bikini line hair was gone in a month! The underarm hair is taking a little longer - maybe because it isn''''t as dark. Unfortunately the skin tone on my legs is probably too dark to use the CNV otherwise I''''d definitely do that too. I haven''''t tried it on my face yet but probably will at some point.
Date Added: 2020/6/28 10:18:21
Product Rating:    
Andy Vera:Amazing!
Love this device. Mi got it as a gift from my husband for my birthday last year (at my request). I have told him it''''s my favorite gift ever. I used to have to tweeze everyday, even after 5 hair removal treatments. Now I never tweeze. Love, love, LOVE!!
Date Added: 2020/5/28 11:00:23
Product Rating:    
Paulina Ortega:The results are amazing
I bought this product for myself at christmas. I have had professional laser hair removal in the past and it is not a one time thing and neither is this so patience is a virtue. The CNV is much cheaper that having it done professional and you get to be in the comfort of your home. What to Expect: The hair doesnt just fall out immediately and yes some hair will come back but it will be much finer. I have used the CNV on parts of my body from my face to my toes and I am extremely satifsfied with the results. I have been using it on my legs and I can notice the hair is finer and less dense. Something to Be Sure to do is exfoliate because the hair that comes back is finer there is more change of ingrown hair so exfoliating is a must!
Date Added: 2020/5/28 10:17:31
Product Rating:    
I''''ve decided to buy this product after I see so many people talking really well about it. After some weeks treating some areas the results are amazing. Actually I could see the results since my first week. It''''s awesome, incredible! I highly recommend this product to everybody that wants real and fast results.
Date Added: 2020/5/25 10:50:27
Product Rating:    
Nadir Nadir:Amazing
Excellent results--legs are almost hair-free. Under arms seem to be taking a bit longer, but it''''s working.
Date Added: 2020/5/24 22:21:49
Product Rating:    
Jamshaid Ahmed:Purchased in Jan 2012 - LOVE IT
I purchase the CNV in Jan of 2012. I have use it now to maintain any new hair growth. By that I mean a hair or two will pop up from time to time and I ZAP it right away. So here is what I have found in the last 4 years of ownership of the CNV. I did spa laser treatments on my armpits and went through a 7 cycle program that cost way more than the CNV. It got rid of most of the hair on my armpits. It was explained to me that the hair goes through cycles of growth and that can last over a year. In order to get most of the hair you have to repeat the process to try to get all cycles of growth. With time you see less and less hair. When I finished the spa salon laser treatment the hair was mostly gone except for the occasional one or two hairs that would appear. I loved the results and wanted to do my upper lip, few chin hairs, legs and bikini area but the cost would have been way to much for my budget. I found CNV and decided to try it. Since I had been doing the spa laser and that hurt I decided I can take the pain and always Zap at the highest level. The zap is about the same as the salon. If you can''''t handle the highest setting you can do lower setting it just will take more applications to get the same results. It is not results over night but neither is the spa salon laser treatment. You zap it and then the follicle will grow out and fall off. It leaves your skin smooth and the pore with shrink and close up. I have done my upper lip, chin and legs and I love it. My bikini hurts more so I get to it from time to time. The hair is thicker in the bikini area so zap goes a bit deeper. During the first year I worked on my areas once a month while watching TV. After the first year I only zapped the hairs that I would notice from time to time maybe about 5 or 6. Into year 3 and 4 I zap maybe 1 or 2 hairs every 4 months. With hormones and age you will always have hair that will appear in random places. Those I just zap on the highest level and go on my way. Again this is not a zap one time and done. Nor is it use for a few months and all hair gone. This is zap all hair cycles. You have multiple hair cycles some are dormant while others are active it takes about a year to get them all. This was told to me by the spa salon and I noticed it as I got rid of the hair. I believe in this product that I will try their wrinkle laser as soon as I can afford it.
Date Added: 2020/5/20 9:00:51
Product Rating:    
JR Soriano Abad:Works like it is supposed to
I ordered in November to get ready for a trip to australia in april and have used every 2 weeks since and followed the instructions exactly, I started with level 3 on legs and now use level 5, started with level 2 on underarms now use level 4, i shave really carefully and use the gel that came with it before use. I watch a tv show with headphones on my computer while I do my legs as the fan and beeping noise are a bit loud. I am happy with the progress, every month there is a little bit more hair gone away , I only shave once a week now. Sometimes there is a bit of a "pinch" feeling on the skin for a second but it''''s really not bad. I think it works exactly how they advertise it if you have the right skin and hair combination.
Date Added: 2020/5/19 16:42:40
Product Rating:    
Andreita Cositas Lindas:FAST!!!!
I bought this for my chin stubble. In the short time i have had this, its already at a point that its barely there and if i need to test pluck the hair just comes out of the folicle like its not attached. its pretty awesome. I just dont know what the "wrong answer" beep means. I will be using it and it''''s zapping hairs when i get a weird tone. other than that its worth the money. Plus it is super convenient.
Date Added: 2020/5/18 18:57:20
Product Rating:    
Mafuse Brian:It actually works
I was skeptical at first. Used on my shoudlers (man). To test it, i used it on only one of my shoulders and compared it after 4 applocation (2 months). It reduced the hair by %60.
Definitely recommend
Date Added: 2020/5/18 16:07:38
Product Rating:    
Gopal Gopal:Love it
I really enjoy using it. It works great
Date Added: 2020/5/18 9:10:26
Product Rating:    
Lusiitha Nilo:CNV CNV
The CNV CNV has been effective at getting rid of a large patch of unwanted hair. I wish I had taken better "before" pictures, but the hair is definitely quite thinned out after four months. I''''ll keep using about once a month to work towards almost total eradication. A caution: this is NOT A TOY! Keep it away from children.
Date Added: 2020/5/18 9:09:07
Product Rating:    
Kendy Xoxo:So far so good-2 sessions and already so much less hair! I''''m so excited!
Date Added: 2020/5/17 11:02:30
Product Rating:    
Cameron:I''''ve only had it for a month, but I''''m seeing results already. Slowed hair growth, smooth skin. I have to use it on the lower setting because ow ow ow! I really might just be a weenie though. I''''ve only so far used it on my chin. But my chin is a mess, the hair is so embarrassing, thick and I''''ll even get a shadow towards the end of the day. It has lightened up significantly. For dolls on a budget save up and get one! you''''ll see the results and you''''ll start feeling more confident if you keep at it!
Date Added: 2020/5/14 8:26:13
Product Rating:    
Adrian:Quick & Effective
Noticed drastic results in three sessions. Should have bought this sooner!
Date Added: 2020/5/12 22:33:08
Product Rating:    
Stacey:Don''''t Hesitate!
I waited at least a year to purchase the CNV and nOw there is no machine for laser technology I would recommend more. I have had massive success using this system for the past 4 years on my Face, Arms, stomach and bikin line! I have also started my legs. I had had minimal professional treatments to some areas before I bought it and have no need to return. CNV Works! The biggest investment besides cost is Time. My only hitch is that the face of the laser is a bit small to work on large areas. Wish they had another system that can cover a large area faster.
Date Added: 2020/5/11 15:41:14
Product Rating:    
Laura:Good so far!
I''''ve had my CNV for only 3 weeks. I use it twice a week on level 5. I''''m using it on my facial hair(upper lip and chin/neck). Surprisingly, I noticed a difference after the third time I used it. After reading several reviews, I was concerned about the pain, however, I don''''t find it to be bad at all. It''''s comparable to being popped by a warm rubber
band. Every now and then it''''ll zap you good but nothing I can''''t tolerate. I''''ll keep everyone updated on my progress.
Date Added: 2020/5/10 12:29:56
Product Rating:    
Darnell:Seriously works
This thing is magic. After my first few sessions I''''m already starting to see a big reduction in my hair. If you were going to laser treatments but put off by the cost or the time, this totally worth it.
Date Added: 2020/5/10 9:58:58
Product Rating:    
Dr:So easy to use and feels like a professional grade laser
I''''ve only been using my CNV for about a month. It''''s extremely easy to set up and start using. The feel of the laser and the subsequent results, so far, are extremely similar to what I''''ve experienced during a professional laser hair removal session at a salon.
Date Added: 2020/5/9 16:38:24
Product Rating:    
This device has worked wonders for me. I do not have to worry about waxing my face anymore. Thanku CNV
Date Added: 2020/5/9 11:23:38
Product Rating:    
Deirdre:Awesome laser hair removal device
I love this hair removal device. It''''s the only hair removal device with the diode laser that you can do from your own home. I can tolerate up to a level 4 I feel a slight warming sensation. I am hoping the results of permanent hair removal will last and hair doesn''''t grow back.
Date Added: 2020/5/9 9:54:10
Product Rating:    
katherine:So far more than so good...
I have used the Hair Removal Laser CNV only 3 times and have seen a noticeable difference in not only the texture of the hair (it seems to grow back finer & lighter) but in the overall area there is less hair growing back. I''''m excited for the final results after the full treatment!
Date Added: 2020/5/7 8:52:04

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